Burn Hall Wedding Photography

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Gemma & Rob, All Saints Church & Burn Hall, Huby, York

April! Anyone remember April? I do, it’s my birthday in April, we also had our summer in April and Gemma & Robs wedding fell slap bang in the middle of our summer – would you Adam and Eve it?

Gemma & Rob asked us to photograph their wedding back in 2010. We were so chuffed when we knew it was going to be a cracking day as we knew Gemma had been worried about the weather (as most brides do)! We’ve known Gemma & Rob for a few years having filmed Robs brothers wedding way back. It’s always great when you’re heading off to a wedding where you’ll know a few people and you also know they’re all going to be lovely.

The attention to detail was exceptional (we knew it would be) which is always ace as it adds so much to the photography, they’d even made tourist info style signs to direct people to the venue, how cool is that!

Here’s a few photos from the day, I still can’t believe we’re in July – oops.

Gemma Rob 009s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 102s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 093s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 084s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 046 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 077 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 116 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 120 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 232 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 133 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 159 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 180s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 253 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 265s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 364 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 280 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 361 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 342crop Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 291s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 309 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 317 Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 332cr Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 299s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Gemma Rob 369s Burn Hall Wedding Photography

Ripley Castle Wedding

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We photographed Amanda and Ben’s wedding in March at Ripley Church followed by Ripley Castle (it is wonderful when the reception venue is so near the church as it saves people getting lost en-route) which was a wedding we’d been looking forward to since we first met the couple (and Amanda’s parents) at the UK Wedding show in Harrogate back in September 2009.

On the day we didn’t have the best of weather which is something we’re quite used to dealing with although it was nice when the lovely people from Superior Motor Car Company were on hand with umbrellas, even holding one over my head whilst I took a few shots and completed the list of group photographs – usually I just stand in the rain getting soaked.

The beautiful flowers were by Helen James Flowers of Harrogate who were there to swiftly move displays from the church to the reception, as usual the staff at Ripley Castle were brilliant and the food looked superb, all in all the weather didn’t put the dampeners on things, not even the fantastic firework display by Ferrensby Fireworks!

RipleyCastleWedding 1 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 2 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 3 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 4 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 5 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 6 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 7 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 8 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 9 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 10 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 11 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 12 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 13 Ripley Castle Wedding

OY8V4442 Ripley Castle Wedding

YT9T8694 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 14 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 15 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 16 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 17 Ripley Castle Wedding

RipleyCastleWedding 18 Ripley Castle Wedding

Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

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If you’re thinking of attending, too late!!! It was last week!

If you missed it then here’s what you missed…

We had a really busy week getting ready for last Thursdays event, with a few of us pulling together to create a really lovely evening for everyone that attended. Collating loads of super things to go in our exclusive goody bags, arranging the furniture to create a cosy atmosphere and making our event something totally different to anything seen before in Harrogate.

On the evening our guests were met at the door and offered a glass of fizz from our vintner Yorkshire Vintners, once inside they had chance to speak with some exclusive Yorkshire Wedding suppliers and look at some inspirational wedding ideas whilst being entertained by the superb Event Music Company’s Trio and nibbling on delightful canapes courtesy of Saunts Caterers.

We’d set up in the basement alongside Louise Nunn Make Up , creating a comfortable area where we could chat informally with everyone and demonstrate a few behind the scenes techniques.

I’ve got to say it was absolutely brilliant and so different from a wedding fayre, I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my watch and realised it was 21:30, it seemed like 30 minutes since our first guests arrived two and a half hours earlier! Everyone seemed so relaxed and we chatted about all kinds of different things that could never be demonstrated or discussed at a wedding fayre, everyone seemed so at home with guests perching on the arms of sofas and discussing their wedding plans with each other!

So, a total success, if you were there, I hope you had a great night and we can’t wait for the next one.

Here’s a few photos I took in the last few minutes of our preparations for the event, I had intended to get around and take some during the event but didn’t have time icon sad Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

yorkshireweddingevent Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

yorkshireweddingcollective Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingcollectiveevent Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingstationeryyorkshire Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingstationery Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingfavours Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

bespokevintagejewellery Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

vintagewedding Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingmillinery Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingwinter Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

otleyweddingcake Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingmakeupyorkshire Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event

weddingsoiree Yorkshire Wedding Collective Event