The day the studio smells of Heinz Mustard

Studioon March 18th, 2009Comments Off

Last week we had great fun trying to write with Heinz ‘Squeezy’ English Mustard!

“Why were we doing that?” I hear you ask.

Well I had come up with a great little idea about ‘Cutting the Mustard’ and the result was an afternoon messing about in the studio with squeezy mustard to create some images for a little advertising campaign. At first thought you’d imagine that writing with mustard would be fairly simple but it proved to be a bit tricky, although I don’t think my handwriting helped much.

The smell of the stuff is a whole other story, but if I just say it wasn’t that nice and could potentially have put me off mustard for life.

Here’s a few images for you to have a giggle at.

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