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Federal BMX

Things we likeon November 8th, 2009Comments Off

I know this first video of Corey Martinez is a few years old now, but it’s such an amazing bit of film work and put to a lovely soundtrack that I just wanted to post it, so there. The second video of Mark Love is also very, very cool.

Paper cut

Things we likeon April 14th, 2009Comments Off

Not like the one on my index finger at the moment, but real scalpel to paper art. A friend of ours is extremely talented and is producing these cool ‘one off’ pieces.

3363462154 dcbe9e26eb Paper cut

3363462448 525193cb9a Paper cut

As they’re hand made you can have whatever text you like and they can be framed up with different coloured backgrounds etc. We thought they’d be great as wedding gifts or as a momento of your day, maybe as stationery and I believe she’s just made one that says ‘Will You Marry Me’ for a proposal!

3365778353 1296c3b007 Paper cut

If you’d like more information you can contact Julene here.