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Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

Commercial, Other types of photography, Post Productionon November 3rd, 20102 Comments

We were back with Jez & the team last month to shoot some stuff for their new website which is due to launch soon, here’s a few of my faves, including one with a bit of a ‘vintage style’ post processing twist. The Hair was by Jez and Lizzie at the Harrogate salon with make-up by Lizzy Jones – Enjoy icon smile Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

jb1 Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

JB2 Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

JB3 Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

JB4 Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

JB5 Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

JB6 Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Harrogate

The camera never lies?

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‘The camera never lies’ is a vast untruth in the day of digital imaging, and in many ways it’s always been possible to alter an image from the original scene.
It’s not always the computer that tells the lie either, wedding photographers all over the world are kidding their clients by showing portfolios of ‘wedding images’ that have been taken in cool locations, under no time constraints with couples whos honeymoon is a distant memory, even unmarried couples (what MODELS?) are used for some ‘wedding photographs’ – who would have thought it?

It is often a case that ‘Award winning wedding photographers’ have gained such recognition with photographs that were taken so far away from the actual date of the wedding they could be catergorised as ‘Award winnng wedding anniversary photographers’.

Unsuspecting brides think these images can be achieved throughout the course of a normal wedding day where time constraints add to the pressure of capturing various combinations of bride and groom with both sets of parents and aunt Flo with uncle Bob (if he would just put his camera down for two minutes), auntie Eunice and her third husband Derek, both sets of grandparents etc etc in a half organised line up before the venue start getting all jittery because the chef is throwing a wobbly in the kitchen as the guests are not seated for the wedding breakfast.

Having said all that, there’s a vast majority of photographers who do use real wedding images in their portfolio.

I recently watched a short film by Dove (the soap people) that illustrated beautifully the process of making an image for an advertising campaign and it made me reflect on our own processes and how we end up at ‘the final image’ for our clients.
Quite often people have commented whilst looking at our portfolio that the brides look like models, well there’s a reason for that, attention to detail and time spent in post production working on that image.
We’re frequently asked, “do you do any spot removal”, the correct answer is “oh, you wouldn’t need it” – but the truth is we all do, so my answer is always “yes we do”, in fact all the images that we print are to some extent retouched, be that removing cigarette ends or other annoying items of rubbish floating about, whitening teeth, removing peoples spots or a full close up portrait retouch which can be quite involved and include all kinds of things as you’ll see in the movie below.

I’ve recently seen all of the above offending items in other professional photographers portfolios which to be honest I found quite shocking, whether that’s because they don’t know how to do it, can’t be arsed to do it, or have been driven to cut corners by ever increasing swarms of brides who can ‘get all that for ¬£500′ I don’t know.

One other thing to note in the film below is the Make Up Artists (MUA) work, which really makes a massive difference to the models complexion even before the photographer switches on his camera. The type of Make Up normally applied for a wedding, even by professional MUA’s can vary widely and wedding make up can often create more problems for the photographer than you’d ever know – but that’s a whole seperate issue.

So, what level of work do you expect for your wedding images? Do you care about the big spot on the end of your nose and bags under your eyes from weeks of late nights worrying about your table settings, are you bothered that the smoking ban now means the outside of your venue looks like somone just tipped a weeks worth of fag ends out all over the steps?

Yes, I can do your photography for less money, just don’t expect a professional job, in fact why bother with a professional photographer at all, spend the money on Chinese lanterns and watch your wedding day memories float away in flames into the night sky.